AC Delco Spark Plug 12571165

    • ACDelco iridium spark plugs are the latest evolution in high performance plugs.
    • The natural properties of iridium, with a melting point of approximately 700 degrees Celsius higher than platinum, help enable the plugs to burn fuel more efficiently and to deliver better performance.
    • As a result, the iridium plugs have a minimum service life of 100,000 miles (service life varies with individual driving conditions.)
    • Since iridium is one of the densest materials found on earth, the iridium-tipped center electrode is half the size of a platinum electrode, and 1/5 the size of a conventional nickel electrode.
    • The secondary micro-discharge of the center electrode burns off carbon deposits as they form.
    • This provides superior anti-fouling performance that, along with the tapered cut-ground electrode, offers enhanced flame spread during combustion.
    • The specially designed electrodes increase the electric field strength at the gap, reducing the voltage required for sparking to begin, for improved cold starting and quicker acceleration.
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