AC Delco Spark Plug 12679799

    • Dual platinum tip for improved resistance to spark erosion, fouling, and corrosive combustion chamber environment
    • Ribless insulator that improves the plug-to-boot seal
    • Platinum center electrode and platinum pad that lower the ignition demand voltage and reduce possible flame kernel quenching
    • One-piece integral suppressor seal that helps reduce radio frequency interference, meters spark plug energy to help provide long electrode life, and seals against compression leakage
    • Maximum engine performance over time
    • Corrosion-resistant shell to keep up with the demands of any vehicle
    • Spark gap remains virtually unchanged during the life of the plug
    • Meets increased auto industry performance and reliability requirements
    • Available for most makes and models
    • 100,000-mile (160,000-kilometer) limited warranty
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AC Delco

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