• Same spark plugs that were installed when the engine left the assembly line, Spark plugs are matched to the engine for optimum engine performance.
    • Spark plug designs include continuous improvements, Resist oxidation and arc erosion, Multi-rib insulator pr
    • Fine-Wire Double Platinum features Platinum pad on both electrodes.
    • Extended service intervals (on all except Nickel and Standard Copper Core plugs), Proprietary platinum pad on side wire electrode (on Platinum-Iridium and Fine-Wire Double Platinum plugs)
    • High-Strength Steel High Thread spark plugs for 3-valve Triton engines redesigned:
    • New, high-strength steel shell, Nickel-plated shell for corrosion resistance, Scavenger area allows for more carbon build-up before misfires occur, Full ground strap helps
    • Long Service Intervals: 100,000 mile service interval, High-Strength Steel High Thread, Platinum-Iridium, Fine-Wire Double Platinum, 60,000-100,000 mile service interval, Up to 60,000 mile service interval:
    • Nickel, Standard Copper Core.
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