Optima Yellow Top Dual Purpose Battery

    • 12-Volt, 900 Cold Cranking Amps, Size: 12 13/16" x 6 1/2" x 9 3/8" tall, Weight: 59.8 pounds, Steel Stud and SAE Post
    • Reserve capacity of 155 minutes for constant performance
    • Optimal starting power even in bad weather,C20 Capacity:75 Ah, CCA:900 Ampere,Voltage:12 Volts
    • Fifteen times more resistant to vibration for durability
    • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
    • Optima D31T YellowTop battery provides the extra performance and deep-cycling capability that your vehicle demands if it has a lot of accessories like running lights, high-performance stereo/AV system, winches, or hydraulics. The unique SpiralCell design provides a strong and clean power source, ensuring the safety of you, your family and the environment. The Optima battery is ideal for seasonal use because of its very low self-discharge rate. That means you can store your seasonal vehicles all winter without regular charging and still spring out of the starting block when winter is over. Case Material: Polypropylene.
    • Suitable for all vehicles including EV
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Optima Battery
D31T (8050-160-LAS)
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