Schumacher 85A 6/12V Fully Automatic Charger with Engine Start

    • Powerful enough for starting SUVs, trucks and large batteries
    • Battery and alternator tester provides charge level and helps diagnose electrical problems
    • Digital display, LED indicators and button controls for ease and accuracy
    • Wrap cleats provide convenient cord storage
    • Microprocessor controlled automatically adjusts the amperage rate to charge and maintain
    • Multi-stage charging for added precision, safety and battery life
    • Float mode monitoring automatically maintains optimum battery charge
    • Auto voltage detection 6 or 12 volts
    • Charger will not operate if clamps are reversed; LED will flash
    • Schu Eco Energy meets the highest industry standards
    • DOE Compliant
    • Suitable for all vehicles including EV
  • Product Details
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